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June 30, 2007


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Mr. Nice Guy

So how do you feel about Visual Studio unit testing in Team System?

Let me begin with the fact that I'm a big fan of unit testing and NUnit is a great tool (one of those where you are like... if they can do this good for free why do I pay for software).

So recently I took on Visual Studio Team System for our development environment. The whole goal was to find an integrated system that would help structure the development process while not having to involve all sorts of different interfaces (for but tracking, project management, etc). Since we use MS, and had to redo licenses, it wasn't that much harder to go Team System.

Without even thinking I was planning on converting NUnit tests to Visual Studio Team System so they could run with the automated build etc. Wow... what a controversy I struck with that thought.

So the general argument is that NUnit is better; more feature rich, more assertions, faster test speeds, and not buggy. For me I want to keep the integration and am willing to suffer through just a bit while MS catches up. You see I have this theory they might find someone who knows NUnit well and close the gaps ;)


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